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A freelance sound recordist and editor, specialising in corporate, commercial, documentary and narrative productions. Based in Bristol and available to work across the UK.

JMP_League of 72 Fan Debate shoot


I'm a location sound recordist based in Bristol. I take pride in delivering high-quality audio, equipped with all the latest necessary gear and expertise for any setting, be it the studio or more demanding working environments.


I record production sound for docs, branded content, commercials, and corporate videos. My work also covers narrative drama, sport, field recording, foley, sound effects, musical performance, podcast and voiceovers.

I've expanded my knowledge and skills across various film departments. My expertise for sound recording is backed by an extensive understanding of audio post-production, having undertaken the sound design, track-lay, mix, foley, restoration responsibilities for a range of productions.

Check out my C.V for more information!


'Real Football No.1's Campaign,' JMPUK / Sky Bet (Sound Recordist 2023)

'Ian Holloway: The Hotseat,' JMPUK / Sky Bet (Sound Recordist & Audio Editor 2023)

'Boxxer Series: Shields vs. Marshall,' JMPUK / Bet365 (Sound Recordist 2022)

'NHS 111 / Recovery TVC,' JMPUK / NHS (Sound Recordist 2022)

'Inside: The South Wales Derby,' JMPUK / Sky Bet (Sound Recordist 2021)

'Live Music Sessions,' Nowhere Sessions (Sound Recordist & Audio Editor 2020)

Click here to view some of my featured work

JMP_Still Got It shoot
JMP_F1 Williams shoot


Sound Recording


In both on-set environments and studio settings, I am fully equipped with the essential tools and know-how required to expertly capture the production sound of your project.

With a vast library of sound effects, coupled with the latest DAW's and audio repair tools, I have extensive experience across a range of media formats, ensuring top-quality post production sound for your project.

JMP_Still Got It w/ JFH shoot

Zoom F8n field recorder/mixer

Wisycom MCR54 quad receiver

2 x Wisycom MTP41s transmitters

2 x Wisycom MTP61s transmitters

4 x Sanken COS-11D lavalier microphones


Key pieces of kit in my sound bag:

Sennheiser MKH416 microphone

Sennheiser MKH50 microphone

6 x Oktava MK 012 microphones

2 x Rode PodMic microphones

Shure SM58 microphone

Various boom poles

C-Stand w/ boom holder

Various lavalier mounts & accessories

Various other troubleshooting tools

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